Our Responsible Approach.

Social and environmental responsibility is an commitment of our company.

Social and societal commitment


The basis of any relationship is respect on a continuing basis. It applies to employees, users, customers, partners .... That is why we attach particular importance to weaving trusts relationships with all stakeholders by promoting listening, dialogue, and diversity.


Responsibility is integral to our commitments and our promise, and is fundamental to a model that respects human rights, the environment and creating value.


We support the emergence of innovative technologies that allow us to reduce the carbon footprint; and we also seek to innovate in ways that involve economic actors in funding eco-friendly projects.

Health & Safety

Sustainable development involving high levels of health and safety is pursued to ensure the welfare and development of employees, customers, partners, and also for those leaving near our operations.

Solution for the Environment

Our company wants to contribute to developing recovery processes and associated energy solutions that help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Thus, we develop a process that offers:

We are also committed to contribute to: