ELYSE Technology relies on:

  • A network of experts which supports the development through their technical input, and their recognized qualifications in implementing normative references, regulatory and legal expertise etc
  • Partner companies.

The core business of our company is technical proficiency of the process and our ability to lead complex projects both in France and abroad.

In addition, our strategy is based on strong partnerships with companies that can mobilize resources across all the project phases (from detailed studies to test and commissioning).

Their geographical coverage promotes local expertise and thus contributes to a positive carbon balance (responsible attitude).

We will also develop, in collaboration with selected partners, specific R & D projects to enable partners to capitalize on their expertise and secure a quality relationship with us over time.

These partner companies can also initiate investment projects, using the CarbolyseTM process.

ELYSE Technology relies upon the building of accountable relationships with its partners to create shared value.

The following companies may have a minority capital participation, built on a relationship of trust with the Executive Team of the company, and the will to develop new business / clients with this process:

Others partners might have a non-capital participation, bound to a shared history and a personal relationship of trust with the Executive Team of ELYSE Technology, for example: