The process

The THERMOLYSIS VACUUM process has been extensively studied, since the early 1980s, in Universities and Industrial companies, as part of the valuation of ORGANIC MATTER, such as: Wood, Tires, and the organic matter contained in household waste, hospital waste, industrial waste, etc.

The first application of this technique was valuing forest residues and transforming them into oil products and activated charcoal.

The method relies on the principle of thermochemical decomposition of the organic material under the effect of temperature and partial vacuum. This decomposition starts at about 180 ° C and continues up to 400 ° C

The CarbolyseTM process of wastes is carried out in hermetically sealed ovens at a moderate temperature of about 500°C under a partial vacuum of an average of 500 mbar.

CarbolyseTM can be used in a single plant, for the processing of household waste, hospital or veterinarian waste, industrial waste, sludge from water treatment plants, etc.

With such capability, the processing plants need not be specialised and therefore multiplied.

One of the key features of CarbolyseTM is that products from the thermochemical decomposition - gas and coal - are cleaned up before use. The process does not generate slag and combustion ashes represent 5% in weight of processed waste.


The decomposition results obtained by CarbolyseTM are coals and gaseous products. Of these, it is possible, under certain conditions (condensing them), to obtain a liquid phase (oil and water recovering the acid components).

Key elements of the CarbolyseTM technology are:

process de la Carbolyse
Process flow diagram CarbolyseTM
Vue 3D interieur d'une usine
treatment plant of 40 000 t / year for household waste with energy recovery

On this picture, it is possible to see the waste reception area, the waste storage hole, the crushing equipment, the reaction chamber and utilities.

Unlike in the case of an incineration plant, a CarbolyseTM plant, being a chemical plant, becomes easily integrated into the landscape

Vue 3D exterieur d'une usine
Artist's impression of a production unit of 40 000 t / year



CarbolyseTM relies on the following technologies:

Systems related to conversion process such as the definition of furnaces, waste conveying technologies and extraction of the decomposition products are part of the CarbolyseTM process technology.

Solid separation techniques, water treatment and smoke, as well as energy recovery facilities follow the standard industrial practice.

The process-related systems are made within the framework of services of Elyse Technology SAS.

Conventional techniques are subcontracted to specialized companies in the field.